Cheaters/ Mafia

Hotel that we stayed at for camp.

Hotel that we stayed at for camp.

A few years ago I spent Thanksgiving with a family that’s really close to me. There are always games that accompany the gathering of family and friends. That year we played the card game Mafia. I don’t remember the catalyst, but the game descended into an ugly fight between myself and one of my closest friends.

The kids here at camp knew how to play already. Great!

But unfortunately what we quickly realized was that they cheated. Even after repeated pleadings and reprimands. We had to stop that game. But even playing with the older kids or different kids, they always cheated.

All the time, all games. Cheating. It seems like they think it’s a part of the game. It baffles me. On one hand, it’s frustrating that I can’t tell them in Georgian exactly way cheating is stupid and the opposite of fun. On the other hand, I sense that explaining it to them explicitly still wouldn’t help. They rejoice if they cheat successfully as if they win the objective of the game.


That Thanksgiving Night years back… I don’t remember the argument, but I’m sure I was right… on principle.


“Cheaters never prosper, unless they can get away with it.” – Daniel Tosh


Holla atcha boy!

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