Is Pizza, Pizza?

We were served pizza the other day for lunch. As soon as the kids heard, they were ecstatic. Some even did a little dance. I am very used to the excitement and joy of hearing there is pizza on the way. Hell, I used to do it myself, and still do. But that got me to thinking….

I have mentioned the perversion that the Georgians have committed against the near perfect food by adding mayonnaise to it. But they are STILL excited about it. I wonder if they would feel the same about ‘American’ pizza? Would they think it was better, or nasty or would they simply be confused? Would they have as violent reaction to it as I have to theirs?

Seeing them get excited for the pizza seems…fake. Like they know they are supposed to be excited about pizza because they have seen other kids excited about pizza on TV. But I’m sure I’m wrong.

And that leads me to think about the peculiarities of kids (sometimes adults) who say they “don’t/ won’t” eat certain foods. I don’t think I ate cheese or oatmeal when I was young… or chicken parts with the veins (I still am not keen on oatmeal). I remember to this day something  profound my dad said to us, “If they are hungry enough, they will eat it.” And he was prepared to follow through, too by not letting us eat anything else. But thanks to the mercy of my mother, I didn’t have to retreat from my stance on chicken veins.

How do kids/ people come to such stances on foods?  I notice it in non-American countries, too. To have such bias against foods with such narrow parameters of the totality of all the foods of the world is simply comical. Again I wonder how things would play out if one’s entire available selections of food were switched over night.

For the most part, I love the food here. There is the occasional thing that I come across that is just asking too much. But it helps that everything is fresh and naturally grown.

Would the Georgian kids reject the comfort foods of the States? And vise versa, would American kids turn their noses up at the ‘kid friendly’ foods in Georgia?


“A Pizza Hut
A Pizza Hut
Kentucky Fried Chicken
And a Pizza Hut
A Pizza Hut
A Pizza Hut,
Kentucky Fried Chicken
And a Pizza Hut”

Pizza Hut, Camp Song


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