I think in our youth we have a higher capacity to learn things/ acquire knowledge. I think this was primarily because we didn’t mind putting in the time it took to learn things. I remember learning how to dribble with my left hand. I spent countless hours dribbling off my foot or chasing the uncontrolled ball all over the place. Or learning how to do a wheelie on a bike or the countless hours, days, months learning to tie my shoe.

Camp has been a struggle for me from the time they pulled up on the marshrutka.  These kids are professionals at not wanting to do anything. I mean they truly work at it.  If we suggest something, it MUST be the worst idea in the world. They put forth extra energy to make sure they don’t like our ideas. If someone seems to enjoy an activity, they are quickly put in check by the others. Further still, if we suggest an activity they wanted to do earlier, they reject that, too. “Wanna go to the beach?” HELL NO!!!

So I have resigned myself to safety mode; like a computer. My goal is to keep them safe from themselves and others. That is it. If they want to play, fine; If not, fine.


One activity that seemed to have popularity with the second bunch of kids who came to the camp is the card game, Rummy. I needed a refresher course of how to play myself. I don’t usually play card games. Never really learned the rules. We taught the kids at various times of their boredom (Although they all initially said they didn’t want to learn.) Now they can not stop playing. They ask in the morning, at night, and want to play at the beach. This might as well be called Rummy Camp.

Intense game of Rummy.

Intense game of Rummy.

One girl, Lexi, saw me do the shuffle where the cards flip into each other in rapid succession.  After seeing me do it for a while, she started trying to do it. She finally got it!

At least we are doing something right at this camp.


Every day I’m shuffling
Shuffling shuffling

Party Rock Anthem, LMFAO


Holla atcha boy!

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