Periodically there are times that certain sentences or expressions stick. Times when you are with your close friends for an extended period of time, say, a beach trip or a conference. No one really tries to produce the silliness and actually, no one can usually recall the genesis of the phrase or word. But for the whole time you are all together (and for a short time after), it is continuously repeated and you all laugh your asses off.

For the first time since I have been here, I was questioned about the pronunciation (or mispronunciation) of a word. It was a humbling experience because I pride myself in making sure I annunciate and speak at a manageable pace to ensure that I am understood.  I don’t want a generation of Georgians mispronouncing a word because of me. Not on my watch!

I asked one of the campers here, “Was Daniel the only one to come from the beach?”  He asked me to repeat what I said, then asked what ‘only’ means. I haven’t had to do that- explain the meaning of a word- at this camp yet. So I thought about it… ‘only’ is a difficult word to explain; at least at that moment. I finally figured out the best way to get the point across. He then asked me to spell it. O-N-L-Y.  “Oh!”, he said. “ONLY! You said ongly.”

I thought for a second and said it again in my head, and sure enough, I pronounce the word ‘ongly’.

The favorite phrases for the kids to say that just crack them up are ‘WHYYYYYY? (Pronounced with a V), and “It’s not funny! (With a serious face). The “Why” came stuck I think because it’s the students’ first response to EVERYTHING we ask them to do.

“Stop running!” Why?

“Get ready for bed!” Why?

“Stop hitting Iraqli in the face!” Why?

I think they realized the frequency of their retort, and now it’s simply hilarious… to them.

Oh, kids.


Let me hear you say this shit is bananas
(This shit is bananas)

Hollaback Girl, Gwen Stephani


Holla atcha boy!

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