Milk Does The Body Good

My host family has a cow. A pregnant cow… had a pregnant cow. The cow had a calf. I saw a movie once that inadvertently showed the birth of a horse or a cow (I don’t really remember, but it was a large farm animal). It was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen. So when my host father came home early from work yesterday because the cow was giving birth, I stayed away.


But today, the calf was standing up already!

This is the last time I was rave about how happy I am about this bathroom. It is awesome! No longer do I have to wash my hands and face in the sink using cold water. They always have hot water going to the sinks and the shower!


I noticed the houses are also different in that they other host home was a secure fortress. It had bars on all the windows and once locked up at night, there was no way someone was getting in. They even locked both outside doors to the upstairs corridor.  The new house doesn’t have a single bar on any window. And all of the rooms have a door to the outside, even the upstairs rooms. I need to ask about this difference.


My host mom offered me milk the other day. When she asked, I looked at her funny for a second. It was the first time I was ever offered milk in Georgia.

Since they have their own cow(s), the host mom makes all sorts of milk products right here at home.

The morning after our supra, I was parched and in desperate need of water. Everyone was still upstairs I had imagined. In the kitchen counter, there was a bottle of chilled water. Exactly want I needed. I went to touch it to make sure it was chilled… it was. Right then, the host mom came in with a basket of clothes to wash. (The washing machine is in the kitchen.) She told me that I couldn’t drink the water. I asked why, and she said it was not water.   Although it was clear as water, it in fact was some kind of sediment from the milk.

Close call! This could have been an entirely different post.


Having a cow


Holla atcha boy!

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