I was reading on the swing in the living room, when a kid comes into the yard and yells for Natia. It was her nephew coming to visit. (I can’t remember his name partly because it’s so difficult to pronounce.) He is a little younger than Georgi. He had brought a bag of game pieces and a folded up sheet of paper that had the game printed on it. They asked if I wanted to play. Sure.


The game ended up being a Georgian version of Monopoly. But being Georgian…. different. I had played Monopoly in Turkey and the board was essentially the same but just in Turkish.  But this board was set up way different. I imagine because of copyright laws, although I can’t imagine Georgia not doing something because of international copyright laws. The number of properties was different. Where Mediterranean Ave and Baltic Ave are on the original version, there are three properties on the Georgian version. Instead of a jail, there is a Parking Lot. And obviously there are different rules for a parking lot.  And they have a free space where you can actually ‘rest’ for three turns. (I think they misunderstood the rules on this, because Georgi played where only one player could be in the space at any given time. And if another player did land on it while occupied, they had to forfeit whatever property the first player on the space wanted from him.)



And again as with the Turkish version, I couldn’t read anything on the board. But although I was at the mercy of them reading for me, I still won the game!



I get money, money is got
I get money, money is got
Money I got, money is got (I run New York!)

I Get Money, 50 Cent


Holla atcha boy!

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