Supra Time

I was waiting to be called down for dinner, when Georgi came as said that we had guests. In addition to the nephew, there were also two other men. They were shy and not very chatty at first, and then the wine started flowing.

Supras are different depending on where you are in Georgia. Village supras are much more ‘drunkfests’ from what I gather from my friends. The supras in the towns (the ones I have been a part of) tend to be more subdued and chill.  That’s not to say the possibility of getting drunk is diminished. You can still get blitzed.

Pretty soon we were all telling jokes. Well, I contributed by telling the only one I know.

Without further adieu. Here is the best joke they told (or at least I remember):


A Georgian, French guy and an Englishman were shipwrecked on a deserted island. Fortunately for them, also washed up on shore were flasks of wine. When they went to open the first wine container, a Genie popped out!

“You know the drill, I usually grant three wishes.  As there are three of you, each of you can ask one wish and it will be granted to you.”

The French guy thought for a second and then asked to be home and off the deserted island. POOF! He disappeared. The Englishman was next. He thought for a second, and he, too asked to be home with his loving family. POOF! He disappeared. The genie turned to the Georgian who was last. The Georgian looked around him at all the flasks of wine and thought, It’s no fun to drink alone… “Bring them back!”

(It was better when they told it.)


One response to “Supra Time

  1. I liked the joke! Have you heard any of the myriad Mikho and Maro jokes? M and M are from Kakheti. The jokes about them range from innocent to very not.

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