Gone Fishin’

I love fishing. I have since I was a little kid. I’m not the greatest in the world. Most times I come back with nothing at all. But fishing isn’t all about catching the fish. Part of it is sitting in the environment with oneself; reflecting.

There are several ways to fish. The most common way is with a bob. That’s a floater attached to the line. If a fish is trying to eat your bait, the bob moves. If the bob goes entirely underwater, that’s a good indication that you have a fish on the line. The bolt of electricity that goes through your body when the bob suddenly flinches after simply swaying on the currents of the water for ages is indescribable. You think to yourself, “Was it a fluke? Will it happen again? Please do it again.” But the worst let down is when you realize the culprits agitating your line are baby fish, that are so small, you are literally throwing your bait away.

Yesterday Georgi asked if I wanted to go fishing. I was super excited. There is a river really close to the house. As I went up to change clothes and prepare, he prepared the rods. He had two collapsible rods and one bamboo pole. I looked at the hook of one and I could barely see it. It reminded me of  a tiny needle for sewing. ‘How are we going to catch anything on this?’

Georgi, his cousin, Dereko, and I walked down to the river. Because of all the rain, the current was pretty swift. But under the bridge, we found a calm spot.  We could see down to the bottom of most pools and Georgi (after peering down) proclaimed, “There are fish here!”


We assembled the rods and baited them. As soon as Georgi put his line in the water, he caught a fish! It was the tiniest thing ever. He put it into the bucket and that’s when I realized that was the scale of fish we were seeking. Literally finger sized.

Catching fish that small is not an easy thing. You can’t tug on the line like normal fish. The bait can’t be too big, either. And although you see the bob moving, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have ‘caught’ the fish. It could only mean a ton of little fish are fighting for and pulling on the bait. I only caught one fish in that area before we moved to another. At the next spot we caught a bucket full.

Dereko is kind of young; young enough to be clumsy with the rod and reels. He would hook other people, tangle the lines, and cause random careless mischief. But Georgi was always patient with him.


The size of fish we were catching was slightly disappointing. But again, isn’t all about catching the fish. We had a great time.


Johnny’s daddy was taking him fishin’
When he was eight years old
A little girl came through the front gate holdin’ a fishing pole
His dad looked down and smiled, said we can’t leave her behind
Son I know you don’t want her to go but someday you’ll change your mind
And Johnny said “Take Jimmy Johnson, take Tommy Thompson, take my best friend Bo
Take anybody that you want as long as she don’t go
Take any boy in the world
Daddy please don’t take the girl.

Don’t Take The Girl, Tim McGraw


Holla atcha boy!

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