Look Before You Leap

I spent some time in Tunisia (that’s in north Africa for those who are having geography troubles) during college. One of the main things I remember being excited about was the chance to see real, live wild scorpions. Well, they told me the part of Tunisia I was in didn’t have scorpions and I would have to go further south. So I bought a consolation prize; a embalmed scorpion in a plastic casing.

Shoes are not usually worn in the house on this side of the world. Of course guests can come into the house with their shoes, but the people who dwell in the house customarily leave their shoes out side of the living areas and wear slippers inside.

One day I wanted to wear a pair of shoes that I hadn’t worn since coming back to Oz. They had been outside of my room on the patio. I saw evidence of a spider web in one of them so I decided to shake them out. I have seen those television programs where people get bitten by spiders in their shoes. Not this kid!!!

When I shook it out, I noticed that there was indeed a spider in the shoe! But it was funny looking. Like it was pregnant or something. So smashed it with the shoe, just hard enough to kill it, then inspected it closer.

It was a scorpion!!!!


But it couldn’t be a scorpion… its too far north, right? Nope, it was a scorpion. I told Georgi about it, and he said they are all over the place.     …Okay.

P.S. According to the internet, Scorpions live and are indeed everywhere… except Antarctica.  One site even explicitly says ‘even in North Carolina’.  Chew on that.



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