Mosquitoes get really bad here in the summer. As there is no central air or air condition units, we keep all windows and doors open all day long. Therefore there is no way to hide from them.  So they buzz in my ears while watching television and trying to take a nap. They bite me all day long.

In the last house, I suggested that I go to the store and by some bug spray to ward off the bloodsuckers. But they instead gave me a little gadget that plugged into the wall. They said that it would ward off the mosquitoes. Now, I had never seen such a gadget, but okay. So for the rest of the summer I religiously plugged it in.

On coming to my new house at the end of summer, the same plague of mosquitoes has descended upon the town of Oz. They are enough to drive me insane- literally insane.  But they said they would get me a gadget that would ward off the mosquitoes.  Okay.

The next day, they gave me the device, but this time it had a small capsule of liquid attached to the bottom. It reminded me of one of those smelly good things you plug into the walls.


Then I realized it…

The other family had duped me. They knowingly gave me this gadget knowing it would not ward off any thing. What else did they fool me with?


“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” – Folk Saying


3 responses to “Placebo

  1. In Vietnam and Bangladesh, I used a mosquito net over my bed at night. Could that be an option for you?

  2. I hear what you are saying, and that would be a great simple fix. But the problem is (or at least for me) would be the breaking of local cultural sensitivities. A few examples come to mind, although they might be extreme. I would venture to assume no one in this country has mosquito netting. I am sure that they have heard of them, they just don’t use them in their homes. It’s not an item which is part of their culture. Similarly, I have lived in the South all my life and we have bigger and thirstier mosquitoes there, but I have never known anyone who uses or has a net; air conditioned home or not. And it’s not because we can’t afford them in the States, its because it’s not a part of the culture. I could try to install mesh screens on the windows and doors. The primary reason don’t is because it’s not done here. I want to fit into their society and lives in that sense as opposed to being the strange American.
    This argument makes better sense in my head….
    But with that said, as soon as I see a Georgian with a mosquito net in their house, i will be the very next one to have it over my entire room!

  3. I want to take another swipe at that answer. I know that I would enjoy the wine here so much more if i didn’t chug it every time a toast was given. But that’s just not the Georgian way. You are not supposed to drink it outside of the toasts. And if i did simply sip it during the toasts, I would never finish or enjoy the wine.
    Sure, I could say, ‘To hell with this!”, and do as I wish, but the social repercussions would be more than I want to bear.
    I could put up a netting, but the social effect would be more than I want to deal with.

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