Brave New World

When I was young, I LOVED watching television. Still do. Now because of technology, I prefer to binge on a show and watch all the episodes at once. Back when I was young I memorized when shows would come on and which channel. I would sing the theme songs along with the television. A habit that annoyed my mother to the point where she started limiting my television time. I HATED that. What was the harm?

Georgia is a very social culture. There have been countless times when I would see a pair up to five men sitting at the bus stop just talking; not intending to get on a marshrutka… just talking. so many times I have seen old ladies surrounding a table in the front yard gossiping away. This is a historically social culture. That might derive from it’s recent past of not having electricity for a stretch of years, forcing it to be so, but social non the less.

In my last host home, that trend was shattered by the purchase of a large flat screen television. It was on 24/7. At night, when I would come down for dinner (or tea, as they call it) I would be barely noticed by the family, and sometimes friends, who were glued to the television. There was little to no social interaction with other family members and/ or neighbors. It was kind of sad to witness the transition so dramatically.

At my new host home, they watch television but it’s not as ever present as the last home. But there is different alien in the home.

At the end of summer, they acquired Internet and wi-fi. Georgi, through academic prowess has been awarded a laptop. Or better to say, was ‘promised’ a laptop. In anticipation of that gift, and my asking if they had it, they went ahead and got it.

What that did was to allow Georgi to connect his smartphone to a much larger world via wi-fi. Hence, he is constantly on his phone. It really doesn’t faze me probably because I was in that environment with my friends and former students back in the States.  But the parents are CONSTANTLY on him to put his phone down. I think they are embarrassed by it because of the sideways glances they give to me. But I could care less. It’s a culture that I am used to and unfortunately one that the parental Georgians will have to get used to as well.


Video killed the radio star
Video killed the radio star
Pictures came and broke your heart,
we can’t rewind we’ve gone too far

Video Killed The Radio Star, The Presidents of the United States


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