Until The Cows Come Home

My host family has cows; three to be exact. The other night the host mom told me over dinner that we won’t have car anymore. She was really sad. I can understand her sadness as it takes us 20 mins to walk to work. I said it would be okay.

I came back downstairs a little later, and she amended her previous statement. She said the COW was lost. She is quite the extremist. But her mom did give her the cow when she was young.

It came back the next day. All is well.
I have been either walking to or from home at dusk a lot recently. And what I notice is that the at that time a lot of cows are not simply roaming around, but instead they are standing (in the road) in front of their perspective houses, waiting for their owners to let them in. It reminds me of kids who have been out playing all day, but forgot their house key. Now they have to wait for someone to let them in.
And when the day draws in
You put on a record
Put on something gentle
And wait for the cows to come home
When the Cows Come Home, Blur

Holla atcha boy!

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