The Party Starter

One of my co teachers is a part of a program that holds them accountable for training other teachers in their region in different educational methods. They themselves were trained last school year and even came to the States this summer.

She is an older lady, but very motivated to get better. But being older, she has an aversion to technology. So to spice up her lesson to the level she envisions, I do the technological work, ie, Powerpoints, insertion of songs and videos, splicing videos for movies, etc.  My goal is to slowly teach them to be comfortable with these technologies, but they are still afraid of the remote for the CD player, so I have a LONG way to go.

She had to give a presentation for a training session on Sunday. I told her I would help her. Little did I know that there where 5 teachers giving full one hour long presentations. And she wanted me to stay through ALL of them.  She said she wanted me to stay because they were going to a restaurant after and I was “the honored guest”.   …Okay.

After the presentations, off to the restaurant we go.  It was the 5 presenting teachers, the director of my school, and the two supervisors of the program.  We went to one of the finer restaurants of my town. When I sat down, I realized we didn’t have wine, but instead a bottle of Cognac and several bottles of lemonade.

It started slow, as I guess everyone was trying to get a feel for everyone else. I didn’t know the procedure of when to start eating, so I sat there until my director got some food. He also broke the ice by throwing up several toasts of Cognac back to back.

That was an ice-breaker if I ever saw one!

People started getting chattier and chattier. They started telling stories and other toasts followed. Pretty soon everyone was laughing and giggling and having the best time.

But I did pay attention to how this supra was different than others I have been to. Usually when someone toasts, they drain the cup or glass of whatever they were drinking. And other people chime in to the same topic and drain their glasses, too.  Repeat.

But this time, someone would give a toast and sip (or down the shot), and others would look on thoughtfully or nod in agreement. It was as if everyone did there own individual toast instead of the communal toasts that I was used to seeing.

Another odd thing that I witnesses was that one of the presenting teachers was not eating any of the mountains of food on the table. She probably ate a mushroom.  I didn’t question her as a lot of women in supra situations rarely eat. Mostly the men eat and drink and the women are to the side or at the other end of the table, pretending to drink.

Well after the supervisors of the training program and the director of our school left, she started wolfing down food. She was scraping food off of dishes in rapid succession. The others kept up the eating pace, too. And taking shots at the same time! I was dumbfounded. I didn’t understand why she didn’t eat when the food was hot and freshly presented.

But again, they let their hair down and started singing and reminiscing about their time in the States this summer.

When it was time to go, they stuffed the leftover katchapuri in their bag-purses and we all bounced!




2 responses to “The Party Starter

  1. “1. She is an older lady, but very motivated to get better.”
    “2. But being older, she has an aversion to technology.”


  2. To clarify, she is continuously reading methodology books and attending trainings in effort to improve her skills as a teacher. But as I have noticed with a lot of older people, she seems to have a repulsion of trying to interact with technology, especially computers.

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