Who’s Boy Are You?


Had to go to a TLG meeting in Batumi this past weekend. Next weekend we have yet another meeting.  We have to present at the Mid-year conference as a region. Best regional presentation wins… blah, blah blah. (Not a fan of group work especially when it means traveling an hour away to meet. Nor a fan of dog and pony shows.)

The meeting was a hodgepodge of the most random assortment of people ever thrown together. One thing that can not be said about TLG- they do NOT have a ‘type’ of employee. Which makes these types of meetings hell. We were to individually come up with a presentation beforehand, then come together with people we barely know to put together a cohesive presentation.   …Okay.

Being introspective, I don’t NEED to be in charge of other people or situations all the time. I don’t want to be (I don’t  think I am) ‘That Guy’. But don’t get me wrong, I CAN be in charge, be efficient, pull the troops together and get shit done.  This meeting was painful. But again, at risk being seen in a negative light, I just sat through it and counted to ten…. backwards…. slowly…. lots of times.

We finally put together a game plan for next week. Done.

I was primarily excited to go to Batumi, not for the meeting, but to meet a friend, Etuna, again. I haven’t  hung out with mostly Georgians socially… by choice thus far.  I mean– hang out with them not out of obligation or seeking an adventure. So this was to be a new experience for me. After the TLG meeting, I contacted Etuna and we decided to meet in the city.

We went to several restaurant/cafes in the city and meet different friends of hers as the day progressed. She has the best friends! She obviously chooses people with good energy to be around her.  It was planned to end the evening at a restaurant called The White Restaurant. This restaurant had a unique spin in that it appears to be upside down, inside and out. Pretty cool. They, Etuna and her boyfriend, are friends with a popular band in Batumi. They are semifinalist on the show, Georgia’s Got Talent, and they are also the house band in this restaurant.

The White Restaurant

The White Restaurant

white ii

The restaurant is a pretty swank place. It was packed out, as in EVERY table was booked with supras for engagement parties, birthday parties, etc. We had a table reserved for us in a prime location. Coming into the restaurant, I felt like I was in a scene from the movie, The Goodfellas.  At the dinner were, Etuna and her boyfriend, Walter and his girlfriend, Mari and myself.  Walter is former TLG, but works independently now in Batumi and Mari works at Adjara TV where Etuna used to work.

We ordered a great sampling of food. And I had the best homemade wine thus far in Georgia. Most homemade wines (at least on the Western side of the country) are too sweet. The wine and the restaurant was sooo good. Now I know what is meant when people praise Georgian wines.

We danced and eat and had the best time! I took over as tamada and they said I toast like a Georgian.

On the ride to the restaurant, Mari, who’s English is at a low level, turns to me and asks, “Visi bitchi khar shen?” Which literally translates to, “Who’s boy are you?”. But the intent is as I like to ask people, “So, what’s your story?” or tell me about yourself. I thought it was the coolest saying ever!

Good times! I have Georgian friends!


Upside down you’re turning me
You’re giving love instinctively
Around and round you’re turning me
I say to thee respectfully

Upside Down, Diana Ross




Holla atcha boy!

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