My dad back in the States doesn’t normally cook. Well, he doesn’t normally cook in the kitchen. My mom handled that. He could grill food all day, everyday. But in the kitchen, his repertoire was limited to frying fish, cooking steak… that’s about all.

My host dad here, Gurami, lost his job a couple of weeks ago. He still has a lot to do around the house to keep him busy. And on days when Natia, my host mom is super busy he will cook lunch for the family. It’s always fried potatoes. Delicious fried potatoes.

Gurami is also a very religious man… it seems. I have never seen him go to church. Even on the religious holidays. But he religiously does not eat meat or animal products for three days a week.


Yesterday, for lunch they served a dish that looked like the meat in ‘kabduri’. When I said so, they replied, “hmm… no, it’s not that.” As they gave sly looks to each other. Now, it must be said that whil living here, I have tasted and mostly liked a lot of ‘exotic’ foods; cow heart, chicken brain (or vise versa), etc. So they weren’t going to scare me, as I took a bite of the dish just to prove my point.

Natia asked if I liked it or not. I said it was pretty good. They said it wasn’t meat.   …okay.

Giorgi didn’t know the name in English, so he did a round about description of it. Saying its like corn after it has popped… or its more like corn than meat.  But how could this NOT be meat though it looks and tastes like meat….?   TOFU!!!!!!!

I was rocking’ tofu in Georgia.  All because Gurami can’t get meat on Fridays.




Holla atcha boy!

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