Take It To The House

I have tried to describe the architecture of the houses here in Georgia, but I don’t think I quite get the point across.  I have asked questions as to how and why they are the way they are. Some responses have been:


  1. Soviet style architecture
  2. They build themselves, so it’s a continuous work in progress. For example, expand downstairs, then add on another level and continue to expand.
  3. The stairs are outside so a casket can be brought out of the house easier.
  4. Earthquake reasons. (Still don’t understand that one)

So here are a couple of pictures of houses in my neighborhood. I will add more as time goes on.  I try to do in on the sly. I don’t want to be ‘some creepy guy’ taking pictures of people’s houses.

It helps that it is winter, because in other seasons, the yards are covered with vegetation. The vines in the foreground of most pictures are grapevines.

Pictures of Georgian Houses


“No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around.” -Dan Devine, The movie, Rudy


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