An Apple A Day

(this post has VERY little to do with Georgia)

My name is Sanchez and I am an Apple user. I am well aware that there is an ongoing rant against Apple products and their users. Something about the overpricing of the products or the uncritical devotion mentality towards the company and it’s products. I don’t even care. I love Apple products. Sure I have problems sometimes, ergo this post, but for the most part, I am a happy camper.

When I switched from PC to Mac, my world and computer interaction changed forever. Which is something that the non-Apple haters can not even comprehend. The interaction is just so much more intuitive and streamlined.

My first purchase was an iPod, then Mac Pro laptop, then an iPad. I remember seeing the video of Steve Jobs introducing the IPhone. I knew that that phone would change phones forever, which it did. And I also knew I had to get one. But to my frustration, they were introduced only for AT&T… which was stupid, but that’s neither here nor there. I had a contract with Verizon and I loved my Verizon service. I heard horror stories of how the AT&T service was wretched. Surely Apple would come to its senses and contract with Verizon. So I waited…. and waited. iPhone II came, then iPhone III. Still no Verizon. I remember my dreams rising and crashing with each rumor of contract negotiations. And through it all I held out. It came time to get a new phone as my contract was up for renewal. I decided to renew again with Verizon and bought a Droid X, the coolest thing they had out at the time. And I lie to you not, not even 6 months later the iPhone came to Verizon. BUT I couldn’t switch phones or alter contract without paying full price.  UGHHH.  So I was still without my dream phone.

Brought my Droid X smartphone to Georgia. Here they switch out SIM cards like trading cards. But Verizon, more specifically Driod X’s don’t use SIM cards. But I could still use the smart features of my phone occasionally with the wifi, which is always free everywhere that has Internet service. After the first year my phone smartphone died. UGH.

This past trip home, a friend offered to give me her iPhone. She had already upgraded to the latest version and her old phone had a cracked screen. She was going to give it to her dad and just have him go have the screen repaired.  But I intervened and she gave it to me instead. (Love you K.R.!!!) So I happily had the screen repaired and sat down to reset the phone.

After I reset it, I noticed that the wifi wasn’t working. (I had no intentions of activating service in the States.) I reset again and troubleshot the phone. Nothing. Maybe the person who fixed screen unattached the antenna. Nope. Come to find out, the version of phone that I have the 4s, and only the 4s, has chronic issues with wifi connection. Which is SOOOO annoying. Apple HAS to know about this problem as it’s all over their forums and blogs, but still no fix even after 3 updates. I tried several other suggested ‘fixes’ to the problem, but still didn’t work. (Two suggestions, that I did not try, were to put the phone in the freezer or to use a blow dryer to heat it…)  I had resigned myself to just waiting and crossing my fingers that the next update release will have a fix to the 4s problem.

So to make a long story longer…

I was turning in my plane ticket stubs to my program representative, when I saw another volunteer in the program. We were chatting about the holidays and how I would have called him but I didn’t have his number programmed. He took out his phone and said he thought he had my number. He was scrolling down his iPhone.  hmm….  He had gotten a Georgian data plan for his iPhone. And said the service was pretty inexpensive for what he needed internet-wise.  And since our program has a contract with the service provider, we get a really great deal.

So I’m currently having the phone unlocked (which is a whole other phone thing that cell providers do) and hopefully by Monday, I’ll finally be able to use my very own iPhone.

It only took 7 years.



Holla atcha boy!

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