Polar Vortex

When I was in the States over winter break, we had a phenomenon known as a polar vortex. I personally think someone in a weather office somewhere quickly made that up, but what do I know. It was basically a precursor to the end of the world by deep freeze. It didn’t snow, at least down in the southeast, but it was terribly, terribly cold.


When I came back from winter break, my host family had an electric blanket for me. More like a heating pad, it goes over mattress. I love it. I think it has literally saved my life. They told me to turn it on an hour before I go to bed and again, as I am waking up. Well, I leave that bad boy on all night, electric bill be damned. (Kidding, I will pitch in with the bill, if they need.)


I swear my toothpaste is frozen.  Is that even possible?


These last couple of days its been freezing temperatures. [Perspective: By the time I finish putting on my clothes in the morning, I can not feel my fingers.]


It’s not polar vortex levels here… yet. But cold is cold is cold. And it’s FOR REAL!




Holla atcha boy!

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