Mama Said Knock You Out!!!



My host mother’s name is Natia Lominadze and she is great!  She doesn’t have the same last name as her husband or son. I don’t know what that’s about. I found out when I was making her school website for her. I had already put Giorgi’s last name in as hers. When I asked her to tell me the name of her University, she corrected me.

Giorgi is their only son. And that plays out in odd ways, all of which are in line with her character. She also teaches 1st graders at my school.

I can’t decide if she is obsessive compulsive or just has tendencies of that type of personality.

She has a weekend routine of cleaning the house. And when I say clean the house, she cleans EVERY INCH of the house, every weekend of the year- summer, winter, rain or shine. She starts upstairs and dusts every inch of every piece of furniture (I have seen her do it). She vacuums every floor surface, carpeted or not. And then she mops the non-carpeted surfaces. She then comes downstairs and does the same. She washes every dish again, and cleans every item in the bathroom. In addition to cleaning, she does the major laundry during the weekends, too. Thank God she has a washing machine.

She prepares breakfast (tea, bread and jam) every morning and night. And prepares lunch as soon as she comes home from school at 3:00.

At 4, the first of three students come for her to tutor. So she tutors until 7 pm. After they are gone, she goes upstairs to ‘straighten up’ and change clothes. Then she prepares supper.  After supper she starts grading papers.


Natia is one of those ‘awesome’ teachers. As said before, she teaches 1st graders (there is no kindergarten). There are two 1st grade teachers, but the numbers are skewed. The other has maybe 18 students (they are my favorite class this year) and Natia’s class has 36. There were 34, but two new students came and the parents wanted them in Natia’s class. Although that speaks volumes about the quality teacher Natia is, it is an injustice to Natia. The kids are packed to the rafters in that room. When my co-teacher and I go in for English, it’s pretty much a zoo by the end. I am pretty good at classroom management, but there are only so many tricks in my bag and I can only keep the balls juggling in the air for so long. But as soon as Natia returns to the room- silence.  The other teacher has the parents hang around outside the class the whole day. Parental involvement could be good. But not for Natia. I asked her about it, and she said, [paraphrasing] “Heck no, I don’t want those parents hovering.”

After supper, she splits the rest of the evening either grading papers or watching Turkish soap opera television programs.

She used to go to bed after me, which is usually midnight. She would never sleep or lay down on the ‘couch’ in the living area in front of me. Sometimes I would go do something upstairs or go take a shower and when I reenter the living room, she would pop into an upright position as if she were never laying down. I felt so bad. The only time she remained laying down was when she was deliriously sick.

Either because of her personality or because Giorgi is an only child, she is constantly in his space. She begs him to eat, begs him to take a shower, begs him to bundle up before going outside, begs him to get off computer. IF he is out, she constantly calls him to ask where he is and when he is coming home. She is constantly looking to see what he is doing on computer. It’s literally suffocating. Giorgi’s response is always frustration, which manifests in yelling at her (which might also be because he is going deaf. He talks loudly normally).

Needless to say, she always seems tired. But she also seems as if she literally can not stop. I don’t understand it. I often feel bad for her. And it’s not the usual ‘pressured’ role of the female in Georgia. Gurami is a great husband. He is currently not working, so he tries to prepare breakfast or lunch meals when he can. He cleans up the kitchen, too. I have even seen him throw some clothes in the washing machine. But Natia still beats to an insane tempo for herself.

She is cute and funny and smart. She taught herself elementary English so she could communicate with me. (Giorgi makes fun of her mistakes, but I think she does just fine!)

I think part of her behavior has to do with the fact that she has a guest in her house. Although my last host family got over that REAL quick. But again, maybe that’s just who she is. I wish she would relax.


I’m gonna knock you out
Mama said knock you out

Momma Said Knock You Out, LL Cool J


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