Work In Progress

One day, my director asked if I knew how to make a blog site. Sure.

He actually wanted a webpage for himself. And he was going to rip all the cool programs that the various teachers had done to put on it.

So I suggested that I set up a webpage for the entire school. That way he could have a page and all the teachers could have their own pages, too. I decided to use because it was free. If you know if a more versatile website creator that is free, please let me know.

The obvious problem is the main language to use. I am currently setting it up the director’s page in English, but will have another teacher make it bi-lingual. Then I am training another teacher on how to create pages and work the program.

Here is what I have so far. It’s still coming together. The director’s page pretty far along and my host mother’s page is almost complete. There is also a mini video on the renovation of the School in the ‘history of school’ tab.   Comments and suggestions are encouraged. Thanks!




Holla atcha boy!

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