Spring is near. I didn’t realize the toll winter was taking on me. A high percentage of my day was spent in bed or downstairs next to the woodstove. It was bone chilling cold. Looking back, I think I was in a mild depression.

A TLG friend wanted to prepare a birthday weekend bash for a friend of hers, so I offered to help. Through connections I made last summer, I was able to secure a hotel right on the beach in Kobuleti for the weekend. 25 of us descended upon the hotel starting Friday afternoon. Most of us were TLG, but I also invited a couple of Peace Corp friends and the EVS from my town.


Hotel Mirage. We all stayed in the deep pink building on the right. (My room on the top left.)

Proprietor of hotel, Dato

Proprietor of hotel, Dato

I came from Oz to Kobuleti with Mathilde on Friday afternoon. It was only going to be 8 of us total on Friday night. The bulk of the weekend’s meals were to be prepared by the hotel, but the first night we were on our own. So we made some pasta dishes. The proprietor sat with us at the end of our meal and had a few toasts with us to start the weekend off right. Then it was off to the races!


It was a great weekend, although the hotel had some negative aspects. Since I got there relatively early, I got to choose my room. I picked one on the top story to share with my friend Alex from Oz. Looking at it you would think it was a great room. It had a spacious sitting area with a refrigerator. The bedroom was fairly large and it had a private bathroom (all of the rooms had private bathrooms). But my patio door wouldn’t open. I asked them to fix it the first day, but nothing ever came of it. There was a slow drain in the floor for the water… that was annoying after showers. And lastly, there was no heat. There was a wall-mounted heating/ cooling unit on my bedroom wall, but there was no extension cord to connect it to the power source in the other room.   …Okay.

Regardless, it was still a great hotel. And we had all we needed- friends, the sea, food and drink.

The weather was beautiful. During the day we lounged on the beach, played games or simply relaxed. Some folks went into Batumi or even traveled to Turkey for a daytrip.  The last night we had a bonfire with roasted potatoes and grilled meat.


This was a much needed trip. Hanging out with English speakers for a three day weekend was therapeutic. I got to know some of the other TLG folks better, and my Oz friends made connections, too. There are some great people in this country who have lived impressive lives or have larger than life personalities. Looking across the campfire seeing my friends from France speak in their native language to TLGers that speak fluent French or to see people swap stories of their various far-flung Georgian living situations was warming to my heart.

And that’s what it’s all about…making connections.



Started from the bottom now we’re here
Started from the bottom now my whole team fucking here
Started from the bottom now we’re here
Started from the bottom now the whole team here…

Started From The Bottom, Drake


Holla atcha boy!

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