Since I live in a town, we have no shortage of stores and mini markets. We even have a bazaar. At peek times you have to dodge people to get through.

The majority of stores are mini marts, very similar to the kinds of markets attached to old gas stations in the States. In NYC we called them bodegas. They are a catchall type of store. Mostly snacks, drinks, alcohol, and knick-knacks. Most of them also have a deep freezer full of whole fish and chickens with thick layers of permafrost caked on them.

They are versatile enough to operate even without power which happens often. (Maybe that’s why they freeze the meat so thoroughly).

They other day, I was craving a Coca-cola. I haven’t had one in a while, and I felt I deserved one. So I popped into the first store I saw. It was dark inside, so I assumed the power was out. I opened the refrigerator and all the drinks were warm, which to me was further evidence that there was no power.

I hate warm soda. But for some reason, this part of the world doesn’t mind it. And when in Rome…   But today, my image of ‘drinking a Coke’ also included said Coke being cold. So I went to another shop. This one I observed indeed had power, but the Coke refrigerator was still lukewarm/ not on. Same with the next two stores. I was dumbfounded. I didn’t understand why there seemed to be a conspiracy against cold beverages.

I was prepared to give up as I was standing in the last store I was going to try. I was just going to have to deal with a warm Coke. I reached in the refrigerator and those Cokes were warm, too. In my frustration I got to thinking, “Every beverage isn’t always warm…. I distinctly remember buying cold beers. Now that I think about it, I remember buying cold Cokes.” I looked over at the next refrigerator expecting to see cold beers inside, but instead inside the humming lit refrigerator were cold PEPSIs!!!!!!  What the hell!?!

Yes, I am a Coca-Cola snob. I will NOT drink Pepsi… willingly/ knowingly. How could they do this? What is the meaning? Warm Coke, cold Pepsi? My mind was blown. Maybe it was God testing me.

I opened the Pepsi door just to make sure. Yes, it was cold. Ugh.

I purchased a fruit juice and went home.

Moral of the story: Just because it’s that way, doesn’t mean that it’s that way.



“You can plan a pretty picnic. But you can’t predict the weather.”

Sorry Miss Jackson, Outkast


One response to “Conspiracy

  1. During my tour in Vietnam, I became habituated to drinking warm Coke and warm beer. Thirty years later, while visiting my son in SF, we ate at a Vietnamese restaurant. I ordered a Ba Muoi Ba (which means 33 in Vietnamese) beer. It arrived at our table cold of course. Because it was cold, the beer just did not taste right.

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