In Which Sanchezi Goes To Visit The Neighbors

I came downstairs yesterday and ran into Giorgi. He was coming to say that they were going to a neighbor’s house for a “small dinner”, aka supra. They asked if I wanted to join.   …Of course!!

Before we could leave though, Gurami had apparently broken the washing machine and needed to find a repairman to come out. Natia was NOT happy. Once that was set up, we walked two houses down.

Standing in the doorway was my favorite Bebia!

*Since I walk to and from school and town, I see a lot of my neighbors out and about. One in particular is very animated in saying hello and kissing me profusely whenever she sees me, “CHEEEMIII SAAAANCCCHEZI!!!’, which only makes me excited to see her! Every time it’s like we haven’t seen each other for years. She speaks to me in rapid Gurian Georgian, and I spit out as many Georgian words as I can. She introduces me to anyone she happens to be walking with. She’s my buddy.

My favorite Bebia!!

My favorite Bebia!!

So I was super excited to find out that this was her house AND her birthday supra!!! She skitted around here and there only as old ladies can do. Finally we sat down to the table. In this house lived the grandma, a husband and wife and their two kids. The mom was away working in Turkey.

Natia joined us later after tutoring her student. Natia and Gurami are soo cute together out in public. She has a sharp wit about her and can make anyone laugh on any occasion, but she also tends to be reserved and ultra polite. Gurami gives off the vibe if a ‘good ol’ boy’. He is funny, too, but in a different way. Out of his crew of friends, he is the quiet one.

After we kicked back a couple of toasts of wine, our hosts demonstrated that they were also singers. They sang some amazing sounding songs with multi part harmonies. Then we found some songs on YouTube and started dancing. Since I have a current Georgian dance routine under my belt, I showed them a thing or two. As soon as I stood up, the video cameras on phones and cameras were whipped out. (No wonder everything is able to be shown on those television shows; earthquakes, people falling down stairs, car crashes,  singing babies, hailstorms, etc.  Little did I know, there are scores of people who are ALWAYS ready to videotape something. They are like gunslingers of the Wild, Wild, West.  One lady was video taping on her phone in one hand and taking pictures from her camera in the other….  a two shooter.)

This house was the first I had been to with an outhouse. Whenever I am at a supra with Gurami, he always escorts me to the bathroom. Which makes it hard for me to ‘puke and rally’. (I think that’s what he is secretly monitoring.) I was at first confused that I was walking soo far in the dark and rain, then it dawned on me. I stepped into the outhouse and took mental notes, “So, this is an outhouse…” It was an wasn’t what I expected. I WAS in that it had the hole in the ground. But the ground was also tiled.  And there was an ash bucket against the back wall. I deduced that this was for bringing in hot coals with you in the winter. That’s what I would do. But thinking on it again, it could be a giant incense jar…


There are only so many toasts of wine I can do. Even after sipping for a while, I foresaw things going downhill fast for me soon. The tamada was just getting into a rhythm with the toasts, but I had to get home before I started being ‘that guy’. So I gave Gurami the signal and we walked safely home.


Now, they’ve got catfish on the table
They’ve got gospel in the air
And Reverend Green, be glad to see you
When you haven’t got a prayer
But boy you got a prayer in Memphis

Walking In Memphis, Marc Cohn


Holla atcha boy!

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