Village Fabulous

Call me a snob or whatever, but I have not visited (stayed) with anyone in the villages. If I could get there and back in one day, then I would. But I shied away from overnighters. I think it had to do with not wanting to impose on the host family or not have them think anything improper about the volunteer they are hosting.

Well this weekend, we were at the Black Sea in Kobuleti at our usual spot. It was the last day, I needed to get back to the center of town by 4 to catch the last marsh back to Oz. I had plenty of time.

I was walking up to the hotel to get the last beer that we had, when some Georgians under a cabana waved me over. As this happens regularly here in Georgia, I knew exactly was this meant. At the cabana was a table of food with maybe 7 Georgian men drinking. They had bottles of vodka, but I also saw Coca Cola, too, so this couldn’t end up too wild.

Next thing I knew, I was drunk and had missed my marsh. I could have sworn I only had two glasses… Great guys, though.

So I had to make a decision to either stay another night at the hotel, or go with my friend, Ashley, to her village. I didn’t really want to spent more money and stay alone, so I went with Ashley.

Ashley stays in a village right outside of Kobuleti, which is ironically also called Kobuleti. (When I told my host family and Georgian friends in Oz, they had never heard of it. Which is odd, because they usually know all about their surrounding villages.) The town of Kobuleti is right on the Sea, but the village is in the mountains further inland.

We got a shared taxi up the auxiliary road but had to walk another 7 minutes up a gravel hill to her house.

Once we got there, though, the view and house was beautiful.



Stephanie and Ashley

Stephanie and Ashley

The house, and neighboring houses, are on the mountain side covering a small valley. Ashley’s house was surrounded by mandarin trees. They had a large cement paved driveway/courtyard area.

Most of the houses in my town are of a moderate size, but this house was huge. It was also very well made with vaulted ceiling and crown molding.

They had just had a calf. I am not an animal lover, but it was indeed a cute cow.


Ashley’s family consisted of a host sister, Anna, her parents and the mother-in-law. The host mom was away in the hospital.

The host father was a great host. We had fish from the Black Sea, which I love! And he went to the effort of cooking us some mchadi, which is basically cornbread usually eaten with cheese. We ate and drank wine on the patio.

They had a cool contraption for getting fresh cold water from the river. It was basically a zip line. They simply unhitched it and slung it down into the darkness. Once it had the feel of being full, they cranked it back up.

That night, the stars were out in abundance. I knew there were some planets to be seen, but didn’t know exactly were they were… or which planet was what. So I downloaded the Stargazer App, and we found Mars and Saturn. (Jupiter was still just under the horizon).

I think I also had an aversion to village life because of the rustic sound of it. But Ashley was living just fine. She has an indoor western toilet and everything! I think the trade off is quiet, simple, country beauty verses convenience.



I will definitely be giving village life another look.   …to visit, not to live.


If it hadn’t been for cotton-eye joe
I’d been married long time ago
Where did you come from. Where did you go?
Where did you come from cotton-eye joe?

Cotton Eyed Joe, Rednex (A favorite of Ashley’s… unfortunately)



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