The Spectacle

I saw Sophia while walking into town the other day. She told me that she was coming back from the theatre. As there was a repeat performance the next day, I decided to go. And Sophia loved it so much that she wanted to go again with me and my friend, Ashley.

But because this is Georgia, of course there was miscommunication. It was not a concert. Sophia corrected herself and told me it was a “spectacle”… whatever that means. Lana (who also came with us) further explained and said it was a film.

We met 15 minutes before, and walked to the theatre together. They escorted us through the back way. When we got to the actual seating area, the usher escorted us to the front. That’s when Ashley and I realized that we were going to see a play. Lana and Sophia left us to go see some friends back in town, so we were left to our own devices in terms of deciphering what they were saying. Fortunately they explained the gist of the play and we were able to follow along.

So the story goes: There is a family with one little daughter. She is taken one day by two rouges. Through a series of events, the little girl ends up in the hands of another husband and wife who takes the child and raises her as their own. The girl grows up and learns to love her new family. Well, her real father finds her and brings her back home, but the little girl (now a teenager) doesn’t recognize them. Her parents are obviously heartbroken. But the girl hears a lullaby from her childhood and the memories of her past come flooding back.


Although we didn’t understand all of the conversation, the acting was sooo good, that we not only got the gist of action, but we also felt the emotion. My only criticism was that the songs were lip-synced. With all the talent in Georgia, they surely could have found some singers. Oh well.

Also, one of my students, Nini, played the teenage abducted girl. She didn’t have a lot of speaking parts, but she was a great dancer and was beautiful actress. And her mom, the dance teacher at my school, Mariko, was the choreographer for the play.




Marika and Nini

Marika and Nini


I am so glad that I went to see it. I need to find out the name of the play and more information about it.


“The Stories are centuries old. They shout of discovered love and lost hope, of humor and anguish, of mystery and maidens and tragic farewells. Within three plain walls and a curtain lies a world in which we’ve never lived. A world we think we know. The Performing Arts are beacons of the times. They reflect the best of us and the worst of us. As they tell their tales, on a stage, shining in the light.” – Anonymous


2 responses to “The Spectacle

  1. It’s a famous XIX century Georgian story called “Iavnanam ra hqmna?” (“What has a lullaby accomplished?”), later adapted into a beautiful film (Iavnana, 1994) as well. Never seen a play before though.

  2. This is a funny miscommunication! The Russian word for play is спектакль (spektakl), so that’s probably where she got spectacle from)))

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