Heat Wave

After having pleasant weather for the weekend, July came back with a vengeance. I don’t know how hot it was but trust me, it was hot.

It being two days before I left Oz for good and journeyed back to the States for vacation, I figured I would pack. My things had expanded in the year of living here. More clothes, books, etc. So I knew I would have to expertly pack and put thought into it. I was also debating if I should take some clothes back to the States, as I tend to reuse clothes more often and wear them for multiple days. I decided against it, as I don’t really know if I will have opportunities to return to get them. But I did decide to leave the bulk of things here in Oz and retrieve them when I get back to Georgia. I am only bringing a minimal amount of clothes back, which is a new thing for me. I am a compulsive over packer.

I started packing soon after waking up. It was warm but still bearable. By 1 o’clock, I was in my underwear glistening with sweat.

I had planned on seeing my English club girls one more time today, but we had not set a time. But as fate would have it, Lana called at 1:30 and summoned me to come to town! Ugh. I asked was she crazy. Why not wait until the sun went down? We had to do it then, because Sofo had a thing in the evening. Ugh.

So I put my clothes on, and started walking to town. Before I got halfway there, I was sweating through my hat and shirt. By the time I got to town, I was mad.

I saw them sitting in the park, thankfully under a tree in the shade. Megi was in a funk because she had jus taken her final exam. The other girls were in a good mood. But it was too hot to sit outside. I suggested we go get ice cream. Sofo left early unfortunately to her thing, so Lana, Megi and I went to a local restaurant. I also bought them pizza and cokes. The pizza was the best I have had in Oz. I didn’t even have to tell them not to put on mayonnaise. AND the restaurant was air-conditioned! It was a great time. Hopefully if they do well on their exams, they will go to University in Tbilisi. And if they are in Tbilisi, I will see them often. We were joking that it’s a shorter travel time to travel from Mtskheta to Tbilisi than to walk from my house to town.

The education system works like this: If the student scores well enough, the University is fully paid for. Otherwise, they give you a stipend based on your score. If you don’t do well, you have to pay for the entire tuition. It’s a pretty good system because the village and town educated kids have an opportunity to get a higher education.

Then I had to walk back home in the scorching heat. Natia and Gurami had it worse than me though. They both had to work out in the sun today. Natia at the village and Gurami in the corn fields.

Day two of the heat wave.

Saturday was hot out the gate. Thankfully, Natia was home with us. She knows how to manipulate the house, it’s windows and doors to achieve the maximum cool effect. But that could only hold the heat off for so long.

At mid-day, Gurami burst into the living room and asks if I want to go swimming in the river. I thought he was saying I should go swimming at the river with the kids (Giorgi had already gone). But he said he was going and that they were going to a village.   …Adventure!!!

We packed into the neighbors’ car; Natia, Gurami, Salome (Gurami’s Goddaughter), and myself. We first had to make several stops. First Salome had to go vote. It was election day for a run-off. Then we stopped for a watermelon. We then headed out of town.

We passed some familiar villages along the way. Then, as the air became cooler, we started seeing swarms of people at accessible places at the river. Thankfully we kept motoring past. We finally got to a spot we very few cars. It was in a village called Gomi.

We shimmed down a bank to a pebbled area along side the river. The water was moving pretty fast and there were rocks of various sizes from boulders to medium sized. I had very sensitive feet, so I already knew this wasn’t going to work. But its an adventure, right?






We walked along the shore for a little bit to get away from the other people there. Natia and Salome stayed with the stuff, while Gurami, our neighbor, Zuka, and myself went to scope out the river for swimming holes. it was COLD. So cold it made my body numb. We hoped some rocks, waded through some rapids and finally found a semi-calm area. But as I said, it was so cold that we only stayed in for 10 minutes max.



Salome and me

We made our way back to the ladies and started eating the snacks we had brought. Natia brought some cake that she had baked that morning, then we ate the watermelon. They had placed it in the river to get cold, but we hadn’t been swimming that long, so it was still hot. And Salome brought some Coke to wash it all down.


Gurami and me

Gurami and me

It was a very nice change from the sweltering heat of town and the house. But it was an untamed riverbank. So there were no convenient places to sit and actually relax. So very shortly, we were all ready to go.

As soon as we got back to town, the heat overcame us again.


It’s like a heat wave
Burnin’ in my heart
I can’t keep from cryin’
It’s tearin’ me apart

Heat Wave, The Supremes


2 responses to “Heat Wave

  1. Hello there!

    You probably don’t remember me, but I remember you after meeting in what seems like a very very brief moment at a hostel in Batumi last October. I was there one weekend when it seemed like all the TLG/Peace Corps teachers converged on the city. Haha. Anyway, kinda randomly found your blog; I was searching for a news story my grandma saw on tv about teachers in Georgia. Well, I didn’t find that but I found your blog! Enjoyed reading through, bringing back good memories to the month+ I spent there.

    Oh, and maybe to refresh your memory: I’m from the state Georgia, and remember talking with you and Peace Corps Jessica, who I believe is also from GA. I ran into her two more times while touring around the country.


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