In Which Sanchezi Returns To Sakartvelo

Flights were fine and painless.

Waiting for my flight to Istanbul in JFK, I overheard people speaking Georgian. It was a funny feeling. I had not heard it spoken for 2 months.

I gorged myself on in-flight movies and Turkish wine.

To add insult to injury, up until the morning of my flight, I had no idea as to where I was going once landing in Georgia. I knew I had a new host family in Mtskheta, but I had no idea how to contact or get to them. My fall back plan was to just go to a hostel and wait for further instructions.

Fortunately, they told me the plan to get to my new family.

BUUUTTT once I landed, the new plan was to go to the hostel for the night and they would get me to my host family the next day. Fine.

I came out of the airport to the familiar dance of taxi drivers trying to financially rape me. 35 Lari taxi ride or .50 Tetri bus ride? Hmmm…. Thanks, but no thanks.

Although I packed light for the trip to the States, I returned to Georgia with all of my camping stuff. So I wasn’t as mobile as I would have liked, but it wasn’t that bad.

On the way to the hostel I met a girl from Israel, Britt. She was traveling alone to Georgia for 2 and a half weeks. She had planned on going to a hostel named Friends, but as mine, Old Town Hostel, was closer. So we walked to it together.

Then I showed her some of the highlights around Old Town, got some food and headed back.

The next day I waited for the text that they, TLG, were coming to get me. And I waited and I waited…

Later in the day, they said that they were having problems with the host family. Stay at the hostel another night and sit tight.   …Okay.

Then I got the phone call from my former regional representative that the family no longer wanted to host me. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. Nothing was working out.


She talked to a friend who lives in Tbilisi that was willing to host someone. The bedroom that I would be staying was not prepared yet. (It was currently an office, and they had to acquire the bed, wardrobe, etc.) and I would have to sleep on the sofa for approx. 2 weeks. I could go to look at the place and decide.


So hurry up and wait 
but what’s worth waiting for? 
So join the queue me and you 
wait in line it takes our 
time to be satisfied,

Hurry Up And Wait, Stereophonics


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