Tbilisi Public School #62

So I final was able to go to school!

I got a call one morning saying, “Be ready in 15-20 minutes! Nelly, another TLG representative is coming to take you to your school!!!” …okay.

So I got my stuff together. And went downstairs and waited. Because I have been sick and wasn’t here this past weekend, I haven’t really been seen outside the apartment building a lot. This time, I had to stand on the corner at the ready. Of course she didn’t come in 15-20 minutes, so I stood there for a long while.

Enough to notice things: We had a gatekeeper. And he mingles and hangs out with the gatekeeper of the building next to ours. I don’t know their names yet. There are also some other dudes that congregate with them. One the near side of the intersection, there is a kiosk that serves as a mini bodega. She sells eggs and milk and such. Good to know. Then on the corner across the street to the right is the bus stop. Conveniently beside the bus stop, but smack beside the road, is an ATM from my bank. When I say ‘smack beside’, I mean you have to stand in the 4-lane highway to access it. Behind the bus stop is another kiosk. This one sells coffee, cigarettes and such.  (I’ll put a photo here later on.)

Anyway, I wait and wait. And finally she comes in the TLG van with driver. Off we go. Straight into traffic. It took an hour to get to school. I don’t even know the way they took. She kept saying, ‘Its close.’ But I couldn’t figure it out.

When she jumped out of the van, I assumed we were there.

First we met the school director. Her name is Tamuna. Great smile and extremely friendly. We chatted for a bit. She’s from Guria, too and knows decent English. She called the other English teachers in. There is Tina, an older teacher. She’s spunky and is excited to have a native speaker. There is Nino, who is a little younger than Tina. Then Irma, who has only been teaching a couple of years. All of them seemed really excited about me being there.

We exchanged numbers, and then they showed me around the school.

This school is a lot bigger than my school in Oz. Oz was three levels, where this one is four. Most of the rooms are in descent condition until you get to the top floors. Then things start to deteriorate rapidly. Since my school is in the city, its hard to get a great picture of it. Plus, its fronted by thick trees. I’m still looking for a good angle, but until then here is a view out one of the windows.

DSCN6355 DSCN6357 I was able to pop my head into most of the classrooms, and they were jazzed to see me. Not the same level as Oz so far, but maybe its still early.

The school has no library or computer labs that I saw. And the gym seemed smaller than the one in Oz.

I had to get to a doctor’s appointment, so I told them farewell.

As said before, I didn’t have the slightest idea of how to get home. Irma repeated again, “Oh, it’s close.” And pointed to the back of the school…okay.

So, when I walked out of the school, I circled to the back and walked up that block. At the end of the block, lo and behold, I was at the top of my avenue. I decided to walk it to get a feel for the distance and the stores along the way. It was a 40 minute walk… I won’t be doing that too often.


Yea, Back in the days when I was young I’m not a kid anymore
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again.
Yea, I sit and wish I was a kid again,
Yea I sit and wish, man.

School Daze, J. Cole


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