Eat Fresh

Before I came to Georgia, I used to eat ‘second-lunch’ after school religiously at one of three places; Wendy’s, Cook-out or Bojangles. Delicious.

In Ozurgeti, they didn’t have fast food restaurants. The closest thing was a Shaurma Stand. And those are actually more like food trucks. There was one Shaurma place that had indoor seating, but it closed pretty fast. If I wanted fast food there was nothing in-between home cooked meals or American McDonalds in Batumi or Kutaisi (both cities at least an hour away).

Tbilisi has several McDonald’s, a super Wendy’s and what I now realize is a huge Subway chain. I just found out there was one right at my metro stop on the way home. And the food, to my surprise, is EXACTLY like in the States; meatball subs, veggie subs, teriyaki chicken subs, and my personal favorite, Turkey and bacon sub. They even have guacamole. Oh, and the foot-long combo!

This is going to be very dangerous.


Five dollar
Five dollar footlong
Five dollar
Five dollar footlong”

Subway Jingle


Holla atcha boy!

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