Non-Georgian Food

Occasionally I get hungry for non-Georgian food. There are some very deceptive advertisements here. Walking past a restaurant, I am always fooled by the pictures of  hamburgers or a hotdogs in the window. I stop and think for a long second, “This is not real. They don’t REALLY make hamburgers in there…. do they? Maybe they do. I’ll go see.” Or, “They don’t REALLY have milk shakes in there….. do they? They can’t. I’ll go see.” And I am ALWAYS disappointed.

There are benefits to living in the capital of Tbilisi. One of which, there are the non-Georgian restaurants here. They don’t have THAT many restaurants, but they have enough to be diverse. There are Thai, Indian, Chinese, Sushi and Italian restaurants.

I did some research with the ex-Pat community and decided to go to what is considered one of the best Italian restaurants- Pomodorissimo Cafe. I am fortunate to live in the part of the city where most of the non-Georgian restaurants are located.

Walking in, you get feel of an authentic Italian place. And I was also lured to thinking that since this is not a Georgian restaurant, the service will also be non typical of Georgian service. More on that later.

There were a few families seated already, but it had an upstairs, too. Upstairs was fairly packed. Looking at the menu, it was clear that this was an Italian Steak house. Walking up the stairs, I saw they had a brick oven for the pizzas and an open kitchen full of fresh ingredients.

On the menu to my delight, were several pages of tasty sounding dishes. We started with the bruschetta and it was indeed delicious! I ordered a pesto penne dish (which they ran out of pesto), but had to settle for a meat penne dish. The penne was cooked a little too long, but not bad. My friend ordered a cream sauce linguine dish. It needed salt, but was still tasty without. All in all it was indeed a good restaurant.

But the service was typical Georgian. Servers nowhere to be found. Not anticipating the needs of the customers. For example, when I asked for water, they brought exactly one glass of water. They didn’t ask if my friend wanted one or didn’t just bring them one anyway. I wanted another glass of Coke, but she never came back around. I tried to not let those things bother me as I usually let it slide with patience, but being in a non-Georgian themed place, it only amplified the problem.

All in all though it was a great experience.

Now I want Indian…


When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie
That’s amore
When the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine
That’s amore

That’s Amore, Dean Martin



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