Training Day

TLG usually tries to have a training workshop sometime during the year. This training is for all of the native English speakers and their Georgian counterparts to get help on co-teaching and better methodologies. I think it’s a great idea, because the Georgian teachers need a lot of help with new ways to teach English to their students. I think it’s a bit much for the Native English speakers because most of them (us) do not have a background in education and the information they receive will not be returned to the classroom for long, because most volunteers leave after a semester. I use the trainings to see my friends again, and this training to be able to meet the new volunteers.

In the past, we had trainings in the east, usually near Tbilisi. But this year, now that I’m living in Tbilisi, the training in the West. It was held at a hotel at Ureki beach, 20 minutes from Ozurgeti.

It was good to see the new people. There were a lot of cool people in the group with interesting stories and great personalities.

The training sessions, for me, were descent. The lead trainer was a lady named Eve. She was working for an organization called Education Fellows. They send trainers all over the world to do what she does. Every time I go to one of these things, I think to myself, “I could do that.” So I talked to her and got some information. She, too, had a cool story of all the places she’s been in the world.




I was joined at the training by Irma, from my school. She is the most sheltered and bland Georgian woman I know. Bland in that she is afraid to try anything new. She doesn’t leave the house during the week. She leaves on the weekends to simply go to Church and back home. She doesn’t eat fruits, chocolate, or salty foods. If it doesn’t look exactly as it should, she won’t eat it. So to say the least, this was an eye opening experience for her.

Although she still held to most of her dietary restrictions, I think she had a great time meeting new people and doing new things. From her Facebook page, she seems to be having the time of her life.


I don’t want no other distractions
There’s too much here to see
Faint hearts or jaded reactions
Contraptions of history

You say it can’t be done
You’d rather die of fun
Get out of the way
For me for you for everyone
Forever is tomorrow is today

Forever is Tomorrow is Today, David Gray


Holla atcha boy!

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